Fan Fiction

Hey! What happened to the background??!?!

Well, since I have always considered Fan Fiction to be a more.. how shall we put it.. ethereal art that doesn't really lend itself to slam-bang martial arts graphics, (Maybe I've become prejudiced by viewing all the romance fiction, eh? ^_^) I figure I'll leave the original background that came with this Trellix Web template. (Shh!! Keep it quiet! Cel-Chan didn't  design this website herself and no HTML was involved!!!)

Hmmm.. well, anyway, welcome to the Fan Fiction section! Okay, being that I have never really been big on fan fiction for various reasons, I can't say I actually have much to put up at this time, but since it tends to be really favorable in the PR community (particularily Karone fics.. ^^) I'm taking this opportunity to publish some of my own works and open an archive for submissions. I'd like to take this time to give you my annoying lecture on my FF content and what I will and will not accept from writers. Please be aware of these guidelines and don't email me asking questions whose answers are clearly stated here.


1. Okay. First of all, my fics don't make that much sense. At least they don't if you're up on actual PR continuity. The majority of my fics take place in a somewhat alternate universe where the original 6 rangers (That's Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, Jason, and Tommy, to refresh your memory) have been joined by 9 other rangers who were orphaned and all wound up in the Australian Outback. (one of my fave locales ^^) They have basically trained all their lives and are superior warriors but HARDLY what you'd call good role models. The 15 rangers have fought Rita and Zedd, Astronema, and a whole slew of original villains.  My series is in its seventh season total (3 seasons of the first series: Power Rangers!!!, going on 4 seasons of the second series: Power Rangers Ecstasy!!!), which should mean, hey, great! Tons of fiction! Well, not exactly. None of them are on paper, with the exception of 2 1/2 OAV type episodes I have typed up. And since I don't really have time to type up 77 episodes (all of which are recorded.. audio only.), the two and a half that I do have typed up, which don't even fit my series' continuity, are fairly hard to follow. But I'm putting them up anyway! Why? Well, because I happen to think they're pretty good and they do tend to be pretty self-explanatory. The first one, which deals with an awed PR team trying to defeat evil Sentai Rangers (a parody of the Psycho rangers saga, which Astronema even makes a reference to which destroys the whole "alternate universe" story but tends to make the fic easier to.. ah.. comprehend ) spells out the characters' roles to the point of sugar-coating them, and although the fic is far from my favorite, people seem to think it's funny, so I've got it up for that reason, among others.

2. Holy crap! These fics have got some foul $%^#ing mouths!!! Well.. actually the author is the one who does. I would rate my fics as a general PG-13/Possible R due to some adult situations, potentially objectionable content and skimpy suits, of course. ^_^ Here's the deal.. You can call me open-minded. I tend to use my opportunity to write as an opportunity to express issues I believe need expressing. Okay, that's a load of crap. I write the way I think. The way I think involves a lot of ideas that aren't suitable for general audiences. Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing any X rated stuff here, and there's no torture, rape, or Satanistic ideals, but I would definitely agree if you said some of these fics aren't the kind of stuff little kids should read (Meaning, this is not the PR show and Rated Y-7 FV.). This is only my fics, though, I can't say that about other PR fiction and I'm definitely not going to deem this an adult Fiction site, because that would be totally untrue. My fics contain sensuality, controversial topics such as homosexuality, etc. The main reason for this is I see my fics as similar to anime, and over there, 6 year old girls are exposed to Sailors Neptune and Uranus as a couple and I must say, they turn out much more accepting of different lifestyles. So, my point is, use your own discretion here. If you're opposed to mature, controversial issues, simply don't read my fics. There's plenty more G-rated stuff on the net to occupy your time and I write for those with open minds. I'm not going to edit things out of my fics for anyone.  


Yes! I would love to put your fiction on my site!! What I said above in #2 does go for submissions, of course.  the only things I won't accept are:
 Fics written for an 18 or older audience. Why is that? Well.. Number one, I'm not 18 myself, so.. by 18 or older audience, I guess I mean, Hard core sexual relations. Rape. (unless implied) Sadistic ideas (such as you would find in adult fiction. Evil plans don't count as sadistic ideas)  or graphic references to murder/murder scenes,  F*** being every other word.. (if profanity is used, a rating of PG, PG-13 or R will be issued depending on the usage and the content of the fic. One F*inheimer in an otherwise tame fic won't give it an R rating.) If you aren't sure exactly if a fic violates these guidelines, feel free to ask me about it.


Okay, sex in fics. As far as I'm concerned, it's okay. I definitely will accept romance fics. The only exceptions are the ones mentioned above. If your characters engage in physical relations, all I would ask is that you do it tastefully and don't base the fic around escapades in the bedroom. ^^;

I would prefer that fics be sent to me in .txt format because they're smaller files, as well as less likely to contain viruses you may not even be aware of  But I will also take fics in MS Word format. Be advised though, that I will put up fics in txt format regardless of original format because not everyone out there has access to Word. Also, this really should go without saying but if I virus scan your submission and it contains a virus, I won't put it up on the site.

Please do not submit fics in html format.

If your fic is from an alternate reality, or contains crossover characters, include a short explanation with the fic so readers won't be confused. Also, please include a short teaser with your submission. A teaser is designed to draw readers in, a good example is:

Karone discovers she contains a secret power strong enough to destroy the earth.. and Darkonda is interested...

Ya know, like that. (BTW, I don't know of any fics with that particular plot, but it does kinda sound cool, ne? ^_^)

Also,  I would request that your fics make sense and are presentable. Proper grammar and spelling are always a plus. Fics in script format are acceptable, as long as it's clear when people are performing actions.
RPG transcripts are acceptable, as long as you have permission from the person who owns the RPG or you own it yourself, and the story and dialogue are clear.  

Email me to submit your fic or if you have any questions.